Helium Balloon Tanks

If you’re throwing a birthday party or hosting a special event, don’t forget about the balloons! Suburban Rentals offers three sizes of helium tanks for balloons, and they all come filled with helium and a regulator that works for both foil and latex balloons.

When you rent a helium tank from Suburban Rental, you’re giving yourself the convenience of being able to fill your foil or latex balloons on site at you event, rather than waiting in line at a party store. That means you’re also freeing yourself from the burden of trying to drive around with a bunch of balloons in your car, only to risk losing them when they float up into the sky on the way to your party or event venue!

Renting a helium tank is an affordable and convenient alternative to buying a tank. Helium tank rental is a great option for events like family reunions, children’s parties, school carnivals, fundraisers, and more.