Ralitsa Carter

Keeping Your Event Warm

The weather is beautiful! It’s fall, the leaves are gorgeous, it’s in the 70’s during the day and drops down to the mid 60’s at night. everything is perfect for your party this weekend. Uh-oh, the first cold snap of the year is coming! It’s going down to the mid 40’s! That means your party […]

How to figure Tablecloth Sizes

Party Supplies Photo

“What size tablecloth do I need for that table?” Another frequent question we receive. We usually answer “It depends”. Most tables can properly take 2 sizes of tablecloth, some, even more. Our usual follow up question is “How formal is your event?” The more formal it is, the more you’re going to want to completely […]

Help With String Lighting

String lighting is very popular now for outdoor and tented events. The difficult question for many people is how much do I need. You want enough light for your event but not so much that it’s too bright. Conventional wisdom says for a room indoors, you need 1 watt for every square foot of space. […]

How Much Space Do I Need?

“I have 50 people coming for my party. How much space do I need?” That’s a question we hear often. It’s also a question that has several different answers. Our follow up question is “50 people doing what?”. You can calculate the needed space for a party or event by determining what activities you wish […]

How Many Glasses Do I Need?

That’s another question we get every day. Like so many questions, it’s just using basic principles with simple math. I start by figuring how many drinks I’m going to serve. I get that by multiplying the number of guests by the length of the party in hours (I estimate 1 drink per person per hour). […]

Tips for Roasting a Whole Pig

Size of Pig: Steps for cooking with our 6′ Trailer Grill Remove the cradle rotisserie from the grill. Start the fire- We recommend 20-30 lbs of charcoal. Make multiple piles of charcoal and use either charcoal starter or a few easy light briquets in each pile. When the coals are white, spread them out evenly. […]

New Site Launched

Posted 9/16/21 We have just launched our new Suburban Rental site! It features an updated design and allows us to update you on new exciting items that we offer. We will be updating this page periodically. In the meantime, check out some of new additions to our site! Pages to Visit

Event Electrical Distribution

Posted 9/16/21 “We just turned on the lights in the tent and they blew out our circuit” or “I turned on the popcorn popper and it and our bounce house don’t work anymore.” We get these calls about every month or so. Clients want to blame the equipment for “shorting out” or some other malfunction. […]