Rental Periods:

We have different policies for rental periods based on Tool or Party Rental.

Tool Rental: Rental periods for tools are primarily based on the clock.

4 Hour/Overnight: Either 1) A 4 hour period during the time we are open (Example rented at 10:30 AM is due back by 2:30 PM the same day or 2) An overnight period Monday through Friday where equipment is rented after 3:00 PM and returned by 9:00 AM the next day.

Daily rental: is a 24 hr period- Equipment should be returned the next day by the same time it was picked up the day before for a 1 day rental. For example- if you rent a tool at 12:30 in the afternoon, it is due back 12:30 the next day for the 1 day rental.

Weekend & Sunday Rentals: We are closed Sundays. All tools rented after 10:00 AM Saturday   returned Monday by 9:00 AM are considered a 1 day rental.  Equipment with hour meters are allowed 8 hours on the meter. Tools rented before 10:00 AM Saturday and returned Monday by 9:00 AM are charged for 1 day + 1 hour. Any 4 hours rentals Saturday must be returned within 4 hours or by closing time, whichever comes first.

Party Rental: Most rental periods are charged for 1 day. You are entitled to have the equipment 1 business day before your event and it is due back the next business day after the event. For example: If your party is Saturday, you may have the equipment Friday and it is due back Monday. In the event that Monday is a day that we are closed, the equipment will be due back Tuesday for a 1 day charge.

Please note that for all equipment, tool or party, the charges are based on time out, not whether the equipment was used or not!