Tips for Roasting a Whole Pig

Size of Pig:

Steps for cooking with our 6′ Trailer Grill

  1. Remove the cradle rotisserie from the grill.
  2. Start the fire- We recommend 20-30 lbs of charcoal. Make multiple piles of charcoal and use either charcoal starter or a few easy light briquets in each pile. When the coals are white, spread them out evenly. Push the coals to the front and back of the grill so that they are not directly under the pig. If you spread some sand in the space between the coals to soak grease drippings, you reduce the chance of flare ups
  3. While the fire is starting, place the pig in the cradle/rotisserie. Tighten the nuts so that the pig is secured. Use butcher wire to secure any loose portions such as feet or head. Use a meat thermometer inserted into the ham portion to monitor the internal temperature of the pig. You want to cook the pig to minimum internal temperature of 170 degrees. Note!- Transferring the pig and rotisserie is a 2 man job!
  4. Monitor the temperature of the fire before re-installing the rotisserie and pig. You want a temperature of 225 degrees or less for the first 2 hours. Allow approx. 1 hour cooking time per 10 lbs of pork. You will need an additional 10 lbs of charcoal for every hour of cooking.The pig will shrink as it cooks, so plan to occasionally tighten up the nuts on the cradle and wires so the pig stays secure in the cradle.
  5. Once the temperature reaches 165-170 degrees, transfer the pig to the carving table. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes before carving.